Patricia Wojdyla Qualitative Research (PWQR) is a full service qualitative research and marketing consulting company.

I provide turn-key research from design through results. I’m experienced in all types of qualitative research. Whether it’s in person or online focus groups, one-on-ones, phone interviews or another methodology, PWQR provides a customized solution designed to deliver cost-effective and timely, action-oriented answers.

I also provide marketing consulting utilizing my extensive healthcare & consumer marketing background. Consulting can be done with or without the inclusion of qualitative research.

PWQR’s Services Include

    • One-on-one interviews (in person or via phone, webinar or 2-way webcams)
    • Focus groups
    • Online bulletin boards & focus groups
    • Mini groups – including triads, dyads and friendship pairs
    • Ethnography / observational qualitative interviews
    • Onsite or in-situ research
    • Marketing consulting